Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Busy-ness

It is the busiest week of the year for us, well, for my husband. Between last Sunday and this coming Sunday (Easter) he will have conducted or attended 12 church services. I will have attended most of them too. It is Holy Week, the opposite of Mardi Gras which kicked off, this whole Lent thing. (Technically, it was the day after Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday that started it, but you know what I mean.)

This Lent has been one of the most introspective I have had in a very long time.

Along with the expected “denial thing” more time was spent working out my “stuff” than ever before and I have actually made some changes for good that have impacted the way I see myself and the way others see me. With the help of good friends and fellow seekers at church, I started a group, a support system, to help me get my chaos in order. My universe is by no means well organized yet, but I have made a start.
I have been working feverishly on my e-textbook with all its stops and starts. I have only just begun taking advantage of two or three hours a day that I did not acknowledge before -- the time between “alarm-clock Lindi” (our pushy little b*%$#h mini-schnauzer) and “make tea for Hubby and Me” usual beginning of my day. I have said it before, but not here, I do some of my best writing in my pajamas.

One of the things that I do each day is to read the blogs (see the left-hand column) of artists who love their work and their creativity and whose words resonate deep in my chest. I want to be creating beautiful things too, but cannot seem to find the time. So much to do – teach, write, church, family, home.I am looking forward to our time in Amsterdam, to get some perspective and to relax in a different environment without all the usual tugs at my time and attention. I will be working, but I am sure it will not feel quite so much like work.

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