Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shop Happy!

I am having a sale in my Etsy Shop --

10% off of everything.

Just use the coupon code SHOPHAPPY10

The sale lasts until December 10th

And, as always, FREE SHIPPING

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Day with my Mom

Mom and I spent the day together at a bead show and when we returned to her home and I helped her set up and Etsy account. Her new shop is: MagpieTreasureTrove
While I was showing her the ropes, I posted a new component from my DreamCastings called Parrot Wings

I am offering this wing design in several different colors and color combinations. Just imagine what kinds of stories they could help tell in your narrative jewelry paired with gemstones or found objects.
Mom doesn't have anything in her shop YET, but just you wait.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Counting Treasures

This morning I was surprised to discover a pair of my earrings included in a great treasury compiled by one of the members of the local group. Just this week I joined the local Etsy team (Etsy Denton). I met most of these folks a couple of weeks back when they had a Barn Sale. I have been looking for a community like this!

Other happenings in my life: I am now employeed on a regular basis by a little manufacturing company that makes Pewter Miniatures. I am doing quality control (QC) for them, which uses my keen attention to detail. I use to run a slide library -- when slides were still used for lectures -- in an Art Department and then at a Museum. Back then I could read the captions on the 35mm slides that were photographed from books and magazines without a loupe or magnifier. My vision is not what it use to be but I can still catch a metal boo-boo.

Also, I have one listing (and hope to add more soon) for pewter wings to be used as components. You have seen some of them in previous listings, but I am still perfecting them. The new catagory in my shop is "DreamCastings". Look out for Angel Wings to be added soon.
Something Sublime's Deryn Mentock has drawn my name TWICE in two recent giveaways. Looks like my luck is turning around. Maybe I should buy a Lottery Ticket.
Erin of Treasures Found is having a color challenge and I chose Fall Colors. The reveal will be December 3, 2010. I have been seeing the rich red hues that is the strongest color on the paint chip she sent me in the fall foliage. The other colors on my sample are much more timid creams and tans. I am definitely feeling the challenge, both in design and in time constraints. Where has the Fall gone?
That's the news from me.
What is squeezing your challenge muscle?