Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Day with my Mom

Mom and I spent the day together at a bead show and when we returned to her home and I helped her set up and Etsy account. Her new shop is: MagpieTreasureTrove
While I was showing her the ropes, I posted a new component from my DreamCastings called Parrot Wings

I am offering this wing design in several different colors and color combinations. Just imagine what kinds of stories they could help tell in your narrative jewelry paired with gemstones or found objects.
Mom doesn't have anything in her shop YET, but just you wait.


Emerald Window said...

i just spent the day with my daughter popping by differant craft bazaars and teaching her how to roast a chicken. LOVE Mother/Daughter time.

Spirited Earth said...

hey have not seen you posting lately..very cool your mom has a shop..i'll be sure to check back soon.

Heather said...

Congrats to your Mom and how wonderful of you to point the way. Can't wait to see what she makes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Pretty Things said...


I LOVE color! said...

Nice Blog. Thanks for showing me the ropes, but I am going to have to have more tutoring. Be Blessed