Saturday, January 22, 2011

{({ Yawn })} Hibernation!

Not me.
I have been quite busy, but I feel like my MUSE has been hibernating.

It takes time, quiet, contemplative time, for me to create and be creative. I have had neither for the past three weeks (and more). However, last week I learned a new skill and have been told I have "potential". I have learned to paint the minis I QC at the company I work for -- Reaper Miniatures. Here is my first piece:

Also, I have joined Lori Anderson's second Bead Soup Blog Party. (Check out the button to the right). My partner this time around is Lisa Boucher. We both love the same colors but we work in different media, which is going to be a good stretch for both of us. This is what I will be sending out to her:

I will be getting a couple of extra hours off in the middle of the week from here on out. I hope that will give me the time to create, or at least to think creative thoughts.

What sets the tone for your creative Muse?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Embracing 2011

Erin Prais-Hintz at Treasures Found asked what her readers thought about the past and how it swhooshes by us all the time. I got to thinking and responded thus:

We all live in the slip-stream of time and sit on the hinge of our personal histories. We choose to bring forward what be believe to be of value and to be worthy of remembering. The Past (the Good and the Bad) is remembered because it has helped to make us who we are. Joy and sorrow formed us and forms us still. My wish for you and all my beady friends is a 2011 worth remembering and cherishing.

Bead blessed,