Saturday, January 22, 2011

{({ Yawn })} Hibernation!

Not me.
I have been quite busy, but I feel like my MUSE has been hibernating.

It takes time, quiet, contemplative time, for me to create and be creative. I have had neither for the past three weeks (and more). However, last week I learned a new skill and have been told I have "potential". I have learned to paint the minis I QC at the company I work for -- Reaper Miniatures. Here is my first piece:

Also, I have joined Lori Anderson's second Bead Soup Blog Party. (Check out the button to the right). My partner this time around is Lisa Boucher. We both love the same colors but we work in different media, which is going to be a good stretch for both of us. This is what I will be sending out to her:

I will be getting a couple of extra hours off in the middle of the week from here on out. I hope that will give me the time to create, or at least to think creative thoughts.

What sets the tone for your creative Muse?


I LOVE color! said...

Oh Emanda, it pleasees me that you have found time to speak to us we hang on to every word and wait anxiously to see just what you will do next. Love the little Mouselings I want the whole set!
PLEASE. Be Blessed from me and an old friends

Spirited Earth said...

the mouseling is so must have a very steady hand ..
glad you are doing the BSP will be exciting to see what everyone creates.

Pretty Things said...

The mouselings are so CUTE! And your soup looks delicious! Don't forget to add it to the Flickr group with a comment!

Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Very sweet mouse Emanda ~ :), and I Love the Bead Soup beads you're sending! Beautiful selection and colors. Can't wait to start creating with them! Lisa

SavonFeutré said...

Very pretty soup!