Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am going to buy a Lottery Ticket!

My luck is turning and I need to cash in on it while the getting is good. I won the bug-bracelet challenge hosted by KJ at Silver Parrot.

My Bindweed Beetle Bracelet was selected to win a stash of beads and some art books, including GreenGirls Studio’s new Enchanted Adornments. I am so excited I can hardly see straight. And what is more, the company was pretty impressive, Lorelei Eurto did a couple of bracelets, Cindy Wimmer, and . . . well, the list is long and bracelets are gorgeous, so check out KJ’s blog to see the contenders.

This luck comes on the heels of an intense weekend. I was hostess for the regional chapter of Studio Art Quilt Associates . I was nervous about this because I am a relatively new member and I was concerned that we would have a light turn-out. We did, but it was great because several of my fellow guild members showed up and filled out the ranks.

After the meeting I went to the local arts center to hear an artist talk about her show she just installed. The artist is Susan Lenz, and she is one to watch! Her installation is titled “Blues Chapel” and it is a mixed media installation piece (the whole exhibit is considered a work of art in and of itself). Textiles, graphics, sculptures, found-objects all represent some aspect of the early female blues singers who, for the most part, are forgotten. It is a very moving show.

In her talk, Susan also showed us another body of work that is taken from an unusual source. She makes small, beautiful, hand-embroidered quilts that began their lives as silk fabric grave-rubbings . I saw her blog and read every word about this second series and was just over the moon to get to see it in person in her artist’s talk. She has been kind enough to let me use this image here in this blog.
One of the loveliest things about this weekend is the openness and encouraging spirit I have encountered from KJ, my guild friends, the SAQA members, and Susan Lenz. I feel the “reveal” for the next part of my life/career is just around the corner and it is going to be artistic and wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Sandy's coloring Box
Congradulations for winning the chanenge. Your braclet is just beautiful. The colors are dazeling together. They look like Fall.

SummersStudio said...

Congrats on winning KJ's challange. Your bracelet is lovely with a fine rythm in it's design. Thanks so much for the link to Susan Lenz work. I've just popped over and it is amazing powerful stuff. I love art quilts so seeing the first few images was quite a treat.

EmandaJ said...

Hi Summer, Yes, Susan's work is powerful . . . especially to see in person. I think she will "go far". And she is a lovely person besides.


Susan said...

Thank you ever so much for helping make the experience of Blues Chapel in Texas one of the best things ever to happen to me artistically. It truly is my honor to have work in Denton and to have met you! The openness and encouraging spirit to which you referred was shining from your face for me!
Thank you so much!

Kate said...

Hi Emanda! congratulations on winning the bracelet contest, your entry was beautiful! So happy for you and your success at the quilt show and all the wonderful things you got to see and do and people to meet, it must have been wonderful! Hope you'll find time soon to come on over to the forum!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and w/e!

Anonymous said...

Emanda the bracelet is just wonderful