Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Haven't Disappeared!

I have been working as a temporary employee in QC (Quality Control) at a local manufacturing company, Reaper Miniatures.

If you are slightly geeky, you might know about the company. They make pewter miniature figures associated with World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and other fantasy games. The owners are friends of ours and they hired me on when they were swamped with two huge contracts for special edition pieces. I have been very happily busy for about two months and will continue for about another month. (Yeah!)
As the individual pieces are cast they are put in a bin which is handed to me to inspect for casting errors (soft spots, missing limbs, cracks, rough patches etc.). Apparently, I am very good at this. I have collected some components to use in jewelry -- wings and things. Stay tuned.
Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps my next career (#6 and counting) will be in Quality Control.
Here is a couple of questions for you:
How many careers have you had?
Which one has been your favorite career?


Regina said...

Welcome back. Maybe it will turn into a more permanent job, especially when they see how good you are at it. I am not familiar with games and these creatures, but they look very 'cute'. I have had 3 careers in my life, zoology teacher, aquaculturist, and now banker. Which one do I like best.. the beader that has been a part-time career for the last 6 years.

TesoriTrovati said...

Hello dear! So glad to hear that your time is well spent and mostly that you are enjoying it. I think that it would be divine to find a job where I could do something productive, meaningful and be good at it. Still no movement on that front for me.
I guess in terms of careers (not part-time in between jobs) I have only had two. I am ridiculously loyal but this last one has been for FAR TOO LONG. Coming up on 14 years in about a week. Eeek. Definitely NOT my best job. I was a 7th grade English/Literature/Religion teacher at the local middle school for 5 years out of college. Loved the creativity and the kids of that age. Hated discipline and paperwork, and as an English teacher you have a fair share of both! I can hardly call myself a teacher anymore. Funny, but my son just started 7th grade and his homeroom is the very same classroom that I taught in. It is the same, but different. Makes me wistful for those halcyon days. But I am now getting a few golden hours of daylight for my jewelry business starting on Wednesday. I hope to squeeze every minute dry. Stay tuned...because although it is the hardest, it is the most meaningful and fulfilling time that I spend.
Great questions! Very thought provoking!
Enjoy the day!

TesoriTrovati said...

P.S. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. And there are angels among us. Those trinkets are a bit of blessings for you. Can't wait to see what comes of these found objects!

I LOVE color! said...

I have had three jobs in my lift. Homemaker/MOM, Shop owner for a short time and I worked as a sales clerk for a time. The most rewarding for me by far was homemake/Mom. I believe the number one most important job in the whole world is Mom and 1st grade teacher because it is the future you hold in your hands.

Heather said...

How fun to gaze upon such creative figures all day. I will look forward to seeing what you do with the orphans you collect. Thank you for your fabulous name for my dear Mr. Lizard- I was secretly hoping I would pull your name but had to be fair and impartial so- I am going to make another Lizard and his name will be Lizardo da Vinci!! I'll let you know when he is done. Hope you are doing just fine- still thinking of you.

Pretty Things said...

Careers -- in high school, I took catalog sales orders (no internet back then!) and worked in a movie theater. Then I joined the Air Force as a Korean linguist. Then I worked in real estate marketing. Taught aerobics for ten years during all that. Worked in IT sales during the mania. Now I make jewelry full time. That last one is my favorite!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

That little guy is so cute. Let's see, I guess three jobs. Though do you count all the different things I did in the Army? Since I have got out I was a student worker at a college in my home town which lead the boss to create a job for me. That was six years ago and I still like what I am doing. Of course it is paying for my passion now, torching and enameling!
I hope you had a great holiday weekend!