Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Who cooks for you? Who? Who?"

We had another interesting visitor to our wild backyard:
a barred owl.

(I did not have my camera with me, but I found this photo online.)

My husband called me into the kitchen to peek out the window overlooking our little fish pond and there is was -- beautiful! I happened to have been going through a gorgeous deck of Celtic divination cards I bought for the images. The card in my hand when he called me to see this beauty was the Moon card -- night and wisdom. I find inspiration anywhere I can, don't you?

Our visitor did not make its distinctive call for us ("who cooks for you?"), but check out this Youtube clip for a great close-up and its mating call.


Joan said...

Oh thank you. This is so delightful. I loved the owl who says 'who cooks for you'. We have a little owl,Ruru, in NZ who says 'More pork' and that is what we usually call it. Your owl was a special visitor, and i love the syncronicity of the cards.

Regina said...

What a clear picture. I hear owls in my backyard most evenings, nights and sometimes early morning, but I rarely get to see them. Occasionally we get a glimpse of a dark figure on the branches and I have never 'listened' to what they say, except hoot hoot. I will watch and listen carefully tonight... Have a good Sunday!

Spirited Earth said...

this is a wonderful photo..and how lucky are you to have an owl.
we see hawks and other ospry?,crows regularly..
there has been an owl spotted in the neighborhood..but i have not been fortunate to see it..

Pretty Things said...

I SO love owls. I've been lucky enough to see an owl but never would have been able to get such a stellar photo.