Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking Forward . . .

Holy Week has begun and it is busy in our household, but in two weeks I will be on a four day retreat with my quilting friends. I have been making plans for what I will be working on while I have the time. Several years ago I started a project inspired by a line of fabrics based on William Morris wallpaper designs.

As I was working on the quilt, I encountered a problem and designed some appliqué pieces to “solve” the problem, but they “grew like Topsy” as my mom would say, and no longer will work in that application. I found a stained glass window designed by William Morris and translated it into fabric using the inspiration fabrics (above) for color selections.

Here's my interpretation of the design:

Actually, I made it into two panels:

Here are some details.

(Click on any of these photos for a closer look.)

Notice, I put the girls on a diet to slim them down and gave them both nose jobs!

Saturday I stopped by one of our local quilt shops where I have signed up for a William Morris Block of the Month. I had my appliquéd ladies with me and the owner took me to the back room where she had some gorgeous William Morris fabrics set aside. I purchased some of the fabric to complete this project . . .

and was inspired (again) to create a companion wall-hanging from another window pattern.

I have just started the process for these panels, but I am excited about these new pieces. Lots to do on Retreat!


I LOVE color! said...

Oh my goodness, You just continue to impress me. I love the detail of your designs and the way you use the fabric. Have fun at the Retreat.
Be blessed to be a blessing

Lori Anderson said...

My very first experience with Holy Week was the most amazing, life-changing experience. I've been afraid to go to any other church for it (we moved from that town) because it was so special, and I always want to remember it that way.

I LOVE color! said...

I will never forget the first Mun-day Thursday experience I had When we arrived at the church the Pastor was washing the parishners feet (symbolic) That was 50 years ago