Thursday, August 21, 2008

Color and Light and Collaboration

Last Saturday I met up with some friends for brunch and a visit to an art gallery and the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth. There were eight of us and most of us only knew two or three of the others, so this was a time of renewing old friendships and beginning new ones. We're all artists and we're all women. The energy from the day was very exciting and inspiring.

We visited the Kimbell to see the special exhibit of 92 works from the Impressionist collection of the Art Insitute of Chicago. We talked about the use of color and light in the works we saw on display and we learned so much from one another. I was the art historian on hand, and there was a sculptor, a composer, a fiber artist, a photographer, and documentarian and we each shared how our vision meshed with the works on the walls -- how our vision was changed by the exhibit.

We've decided to take "Color and Light" as an inspirational phrase and create a work of art to share with the group -- and hopefully to exhibit together.

"Color and Light"

Where to start?!

My training is in medieval art history and I have a passion for stained glass. Do I use that as a springboard? Do I look at the works I have created using needle and thread to create a wallhanging? And if I do, what would be the tangible subject of that? And I've been making jewelry lately too.

"Color and Light"

(What am I going to do?!?!)

Watch this space.

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