Thursday, December 18, 2008

Soon, . . . very soon. . . .

In less than a week all the colorful paper and ribbons will be swept away and the sounds of happy people will fill our homes. Christmas is coming soon . . . very soon!

My brother called with an invitation to "A Christmas Carol" and I'm looking forward to it. He and I grew up with Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge. My dad still isn't too keen on exchanging gifts, but will pass on little pictures of Ben Franklin in crisp white envelops.

My dear husband and I don't decorate our house (too cluttered already) and we don't put up a tree. For us, this is the Season of Advent, the anticipation of Christmas, Christ's first coming and the expectation of the Second.

With Christmas Eve and the delightful children's pagent followed by the beautiful music of the "midnight mass" we usher in Christmas -- after everyone else is "over it".

Our families and our culture have forgotten how to look deeply into the quiet, still manger and celebrate the baby's coming after his arrival. It's like throwing party after party for weeks and months before the baby arrives and then tossing all the cool stuff out to the curb once he gets here. It's anti-climactic.

And the Twelve Days of Christmas are not a count down to Christmas day, but a count of the twelve short days of the "Liturgical Christmas Season" between Christmas Day and January 6th, Epiphany -- the day the Magi arrived to worship the child.

Somebody stop me, I'm feeling a bit of Scrooge coming on!

At any rate, I've been making lovely jewelry pieces to sell and to give to my family and friends. (It makes me happy to be able to make someone else happy too, after all.) I like to think of the little baubles as tiny Christmas ornaments my friends and family will wear and enjoy throughout the year.

Happy Holidays!

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