Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the thick of it

I haven't posted for a while because I'm, as the title says, "in the thick of it". I gave and exam today and while doing so, had a strange encounter with a stranger fellow who asked me if I was God or Mohammad. Since I'm neither, I told him to go away. You had to be there.

I've been working on my textbook e-book and I'm quite behind. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday fielding question from student who took the exam Wednesday. I must have answered the same question a hundred time. "Read the email I just sent out -- it gives all the directions!" Actually I answered with more charity, but BOY was I exasperated!

Late Tuesday afternoon and into the early evening, I did some work in my sewing studio. I made a mitre for Bishop St. Nicholas (d. Dec.6th 346) who visited the children at our Church Wednesday evening. The miter matches the chasuble my husband's assistant uses when she celebrates the eucharist".

Wednesday evening I also shared with the children the stories and legends of the good bishop who later became a saint and patron of children and young people, sailors, pawnbrokers, and much more. The Christmas stocking association comes from one of his early acts of generosity: he overheard a father tell his grown daughters he couldn't afford a dowary for them (which would surely have lead to prostition or the nunnery) and secretly tossed three small bags of gold through the window or down the chimney to save them from such a fate. The bags landed in the stocking drying by the fire.

This weekend is going to be really busy too. This time of the year is always a whirlwind in a clergy household.

Tomorrow is all about the e-book. I better get crackin'

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