Saturday, November 22, 2008

You've been Tagged

Six Random Things About Myself

1. I learned to sew when I was 6 years old using my mother's second-hand cast iron Singer Sewing Machine. She gave me a toy sewing machine for Christmas, but it didn't sew properly and I got very frustrated. That's when she taught me to use her grown-up machine.

2. I'm a Native Texan, never lived anywhere else. (That's not to say I wouldn't like to live elsewhere, like Scotland, maybe).

3. My husband is a minister, making me a clergy spouse. (Life's interesting during the holidays!)

4. I don't cook. (But I love to eat -- go figure!)

5. I'm a Medieval Stained Glass expert. I know just about everything anyone needs to know about Medieval Jesse Trees.

6. I used to be so shy that I would blush if anyone even looked my direction, but now I teach a college class of 300+ students. (I think that's more than random - it's a miracle!)


HappyDayArt! said...

You crack me up! And you are everywhere! I remember you came to the trunk show too! Nice to see your randomness. I will get to this... soon! Ha, ha.


EmandaJ said...

Hello Catherine. Yea, I'm petty random! Thanks for checking my blog. Have a great weekend.