Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sky's the Limit

Last May, my husband and I took a cruise, our first. We thoroughly enjoyed just about everything about it, but I was especially taken with the early morning and late evening skies. The skies from the ship reminded me of the work of my friend Pam Burnley-Schol who paints the most intoxicating sky pieces -- they are prayers.

I thought of her when I photographed the gorgeous skies and as soon as we return home, I printed out several photos especially for her.

Sunday afternoon, she and her artist-husband, Don Schol, and my husband (also Don) and I met for dinner.

In walks Pam with a large shirt box wrapped in ribbon. And inside -- I was breathless when I opened it -- were three exquisite pieces, models for larger works -- just as I had imagined my photos would look interpreted through her gift. I cannot begin to put words to my deep appreciation for the gift of such beauty -- her talent and the product of it.

I'm speechless, humbled by my part in their creation.

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Aurora said...

what a lovley photo! I just noticed you have me on your blog roll-thanks! I used to do more beading than I have been lately--lately I have been mostly knitting and creating fabric designs.