Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Beading Frenzy

Last week I went to San Antonio for a four day conference of Art Educators. My travelling companions were eager for some diversion and recreation on the trip down, so we stopped several places, including a charming Hill Country town -- with a FABULOUS bead shop.

These ladies, each with an incredible artistic sense, were novices to the bead scene. It was so exciting to see their choices and combinations of design, color, texture, and size of beads. I'm proud I have infected them with the bead bug. I'm certain they will produce beautiful results.

It's a sever virus, though. Nadine, has been so infected with it that we have visited shops and purchased beads three times in two weeks. Today we went to a bead show that shared the convention hall with a gun show. (Wrap your head around that one!) We've also exchanged beads and I've taught her tips and tricks in jewelry craft.

I've wanted this for quite a while now: beading companions, bead buddies, jewerly junkies. Alway expanding, learning, sharing.

My resolution this year has been "to walk more boldly into my artistic self." I've been enjoying the journey!

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