Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be prepared

I've been making Anglican style Rosary bracelets for about four years now. I haven't taken them to a wider audience, such as an etsy shop (I have a storefront, but haven't move in), but word of mouth has been good.

This weekend, the visiting mother of a friend sought me out at a meeting to ask about a special order. Luckily, I had several bracelets in my purse, ready for such a request. However, she wanted a special cross that I didn't have in stock. After doing some research with my sources, I discovered I wouldn't be able to order the cross, so I made one.

What do you think? Have you ever had a situation where you had to 'punt' to make a sale or meet a deadline? I know a lot of us wear our pieces, but do you carry stock in your pocket/purse?


Clever Endeavor said...

I like your cross. Nice wire work. I carry pieces in my purse all the time usually its one of my newer pieces that I carry around to get feedback from friends and family.

EmandaJ said...

Thank you! Coming from you, I take your compliment very much to heart. I've had to start carrying a slightly larger handbag to carry my epi-pen and my jewelry pieces -- can't do without either one! ;^)

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Love your color choice for these beads. Color work is so subtle and powerful at the same time.

EmandaJ said...

Thank you so much, Beth! The fancy jasper Anglican Rosary is my best seller because it goes with EVERYTHING! Sometimes I sell it right off my own wrist. =^)