Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Round Robin Necklace Challenge

I am just so excited I am beside myself! (No you aren’t! Yes, I am ! . . .)

Lorelei miss-counted in her Round Robin necklace challenge and didn’t originally include me. --- BUT --- Someone (not me) told her of her error and now I will be included in the in the beady fun too.

I will be starting a necklace and will make some notes for the following designers to consider when they receive my ‘necklace start’. Then, as time goes on, I receive the all six necklaces to work on and send to the next. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Anyway, I am tickled to be included in the incredible list of designers and cannot wait to get started. Here are the other designers:

Mollie (Ethereal Girls),
Nancy (Round Rabbit),
Alison Hodges (Tiny Leaves/Rtsy),
Lorelei Eurto (Lorelei )
Gaea Gaea!,
Check out their links and see just why I am so excited.


sandi said...

Congratulations on being picked!!
I wasn't one of the lucky ones - boo...
Look forward to reading everyone's RRRs (round robin reports!)
Good luck.

etherealgirls: indie art glass said...

Hi Emanda!

I am excited too. Time to make jewelry and friends!


OO said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!