Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home again

I returned from Retreat with muscle spasms in my left shoulder and so have not spent much time at the keyboard. However, retreat was fantastic! I made two quilts -- a first for me, as I usually work on "art quilts" and not traditional pieced works. The top quilt here was started Thursday afternoon and finished Saturday evening.

The little quilt to the left started out as the koi block I made in a workshop led by June Colburn. I added the borders and made it into a Japanese-type hanging scroll. I am looking forward to quilting it with sashiko-like patterns.
I took my jewelry case with me and sold quite a few pieces to my fellow quilters -- we all love pretty things.
Best of all, I got to sit at a table with my very best quilting friends. Barb has known me for 13 years and we both volunteer with the local non-profit for people living with HIV/AIDS. Way back in that beginning, we started a quilting group for clients and volunteers fondly refered to as "stitch and bitch". We met once a week and worked on quilting projects and became a very close group to support the clients, but we also grew quite close to one another. Sadly most of the clients we used to sew with have passed, such is the way with that horrible disease.
Anyway . . .
Retreat was wonderful!
Oh, check out another of my quilting friends blogs {HERE}. Tonya is incredibly talented and does miracles with thread!
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SummersStudio said...

Your quilts are gorgeous. I love the koi hanging. I have such a fondness for quilting but absolutely no talent :-) It's funny but I am re-reading Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver and the 'stitch and bitch' is the main social mover and shaker in the community. It's such a lovely idea to bring quilting to your HIV/AIDS group.

Ruthie said...

Both pieces are beautiful - but I really love the top one! Hope your shoulder feels better soon.