Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Commission Finished!

I heard from my friend last night and she told me she really like the third design on the first photo, so that is what I finished this morning with the birds singing outside my open door. The piece just seemed to flow from my hands. I love it when that groove sort of happens, don't you?

And don't you just love the way Lisi's Lampwork Beads play with the pearls and rose and cherry quartz?

I probably should have waited until this afternoon to photograph the finished bracelet -- strong shadows and all, but I really wanted to move on with my day (so much to do!)

I have been a bit of a slacker -- I have not posted my Bead Soup Swap yet. I will post a teaser this afternoon, once it is in the mail.

1 comment:

Maureen Saringer said...

My cousin is one lucky girl! I am so thrilled with this, too, and can't wait to see both pieces in person!