Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now I get it!

Almost as soon as I had posted the previous post about these gorgeous beads I purchased from Lisi, I had 8 (eight!) comments about the beady goodness -- more than any of the previous recent posts. So I suppose I know what you want to see here:

bead p*rn!

The photo above represents the 10 out of 80 beads incorporated into jewelry already, most commissions from friends. Tomorrow, I will post some photos of beads I recently purchased from Brazos Collection. I will be going back this week because they just got in a HUGE shipment from their suppliers!


Regina said...

Love the way you have 'x'ed out the ones you have used, waiting to see the finished items.. have a great week.

Nicki said...

I actually bought some as well from her yesterday....