Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday is my Birthday

A lot is going on this week:
*I need to finish my Bead Soup Swap piece for the "reveal" this weekend.
*My dear husband is taking off a few days of vacation time (we are not going anywhere, but staying close to home).
*Our local Quilt Guild is having a silent auction and fundraiser
*I am volunteering with our local health-care center.
*Next Sunday is Father's Day.
*And this Friday is my BIRTHDAY!
Yep, another year older (-and wiser? mmm not sure.)
Please help me celebrate my birthday.
I am having a giveaway of a piece of jewelry made from some of the elements I received in the Bead Soup Swap from my buddy Heather Pyle. I have two piece: one is the "Official Bead Soup Swap Piece" and the other is from some of the remaining pieces I did not use in the "official" piece. Obviously, I cannot show either piece until the scheduled reveal (which starts June 19th, but I do not show mine until Saturday June 20th). I will announce the rules of the game on my birthday Friday 18th of June.

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