Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two-Color Quilt Exhibit

The exhibit reception was this past Sunday and it was wonderful! We all thought our show would be slated in the smaller Gough Gallery, but it now hangs in the larger Meadows Gallery. The quilts "LOOK" like the art they are. This poster is great too, designed by Tonya Littmann, whose green and blue quilt is just below mine in the upper left corner.

If you are in the Denton area, please check it out. The show is up until October 30th.

Also, Stay tuned for Bead Soup Part Blog Hop reveal this Saturday!


I LOVE color! said...

Oh Emanda! the exhibit looks great. Who would have though just two colors. I am so proud of you Be Blessed to be a blessing

Tracey N. said...

Nice work! WOW that is one big focal. It had to be a challenge, but you did a wonderful job with it!

Bobbie said...

What a cool focal you had to work with - and you did a great job, especially since it was so far off from what you normally work with. Lovely!