Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long Time Away

It's been a long time since I posted anything to my blog and I'm sure that if you are following me, you must be wondering what has been going on.  Or, you might have given up following me because I have been incommunicado.   Either way, here's an update.

Remember these sweet pups (Windsor on the left and Lindi on the right)?  Here they are in my husband's office.
 And here they are on vacation with us last October.  They didn't enjoy the actual beach nearly as much as my husband and I did but they enjoyed all the new sights and scents.
 Well, Windsor is no longer with us.  He was suffering from pancreatitis at Christmas-time so we put him on a special diet.  The special diet caused bladder stones.  The bladder stones were pretty bad and caused a blockage so we did the only thing we could.  He's been gone a week and a half and we are all missing him terribly. (R.I.P. my sweet boy)
Lindi is now a working dog.  She has gone to work with me and with  my husband on alternate days and is enjoying all the great attention.  I am so lucky to have a pet-friendly place to work.

Thank you for checking in and checking up on me.


I LOVE color! said...

Oh my sweet love I know you miss you little gentleman. He was your shadow. When situations like these get hard, I always try remember the thing you taught me. "This has come to pass"

Spirited Earth said...

I am so sorry to read this about your lovely little dog.
he was a fine pup.