Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally, some news!

Let’s face it; I’m not cut out for daily/weekly blogging. I have been away for so long I’m sure you have dropped my site from your sights. If not, thanks for sticking around.

I have been very busy this summer and a lot of things have happened, but I won’t bore you with most of them. While almost everything is good, they are important to me but probably not to you.
Number one:  We adopted a stray mini-schnauzer/terrier mix about six weeks after we lost Windsor to illness and old age. His name is Geordie (like Georgie with a "d") and is a real sweetheart. He’s about two and a half years old and has a warm, loving, and mellow personality – very much like Windsor. He likes to bark when he gets excited, and we are working on that, but other than that he’s a perfect fit for our family.

Here he is in the birdbath.  All new members of the household get their first picture taken in the birdbath.  This is right after I gave him a trim – he’s been on the groomers table before, so well behaved!

Number two: I continue to serve as the president of the Denton Quilt Guild and lots of activity has been swirling around that. The biggest activity for me is that I will be a tour escort for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland next June and have been recruiting travelers to join me. Let me know right away if you are interested, space is limited! Here’s the link

Number three: The company I work for, Reaper Miniatures, was able to raise nearly $3.5 million in funds to start a new line of plastic gaming miniatures and bring the production to Texas. It was a wild and crazy month of watching pledges roll in and the enthusiastic comments from our supporters.

Number four: I just finished some contract work with University of North Texas -- UNT on the Square. I was asked to attach rod pockets to over a dozen beautiful African textiles to enable them to be hung. It was a joy and privilege to handle the amazing ceremonial cloths from Ghana. The exhibit opens this week
Thanks for sticking around.  What have you been up to lately?

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BluMoon said...

What a sweet picture of Geordie in the birdbath.It is so sad when we lose our animal companions our dogs are all gone now and for the first time in my life I am without a dog and I do miss them.
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