Saturday, November 24, 2012

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Who’s ready for the Holidays?  Not me -- but I’m getting there.  Here’s some earring cards I designed for a craft show I did last year.  I love the little corner punches!  And the tiny hand is specifically for my earrings made with hand-made lamp-work beads.
(Why does Google rotate my pictures when I have futzed with them to be just right??)
I spent several hours this week filling up my Etsy shop with all kinds of goodies and still have ideas for more.  I even have a coupon for the Holidays hohoho10percentOFF.  

I am also working on Erin Prais-Hintz Color Challenge It's always and joy as well as a challenge to participate in Erin's doings.

My color palette from the US Geological Survey’s Earth as Art section is from England’s Lake District.  I have fond memories from our visit there a few years ago, plus I love the colors in the image.  We will see what I make – the design is still in my head. 

I have also designed and cast some pewter pendant that will be ready to sell soon.
Again -- with the futzing!!

I’ve been making them up into pocket rosaries and really like the feel of them.
Happy Holidays!

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I LOVE color! said...

Oh how creative you missie. I love the pewter pendants. and the colors you are going to work with are just too amazing. Be blessed to be a blessing epbiles