Thursday, October 22, 2009

Round Robin Swap (#1) Details

By now, Alison Hodges should have received the box of necklaces for the Round Robin Necklace Swap (#1) arranged by Lorelei Eurto. I posted the group photo of all the necklaces with my additions a couple of days ago, but here are a few details I am quite pleased to share:

Alison’s double strand was warm and autumn-y with muted greens and carnelian rusts. I added a few Unikite ovals separated by carnelian beads. She sent along some beads for us to use, and one of them was a little leaf, which I wire-wrapped as a dangle. On the patinated chain tassel below the faux emerald, I added a muted green millefiore round.

I decided to not add anything to my necklace.

Gaea’s necklace was so much fun with all sorts of colorful baubles on it. I added one of the house-shaped freshwater pearls I wrapped to dangle close to a hollow Venetian-style swirl bead in red

Lorelei had some sweet flying bird beads and a few wings dangling and so I made a copper wire nest wit two small oval lapis beads for eggs. I dangled it near another of the house pearls. I hope she likes it.

Mollie created the loveliest resin and copper piece with a picture of a robin in a circle (“Round Robin” –get it?) . I want one of my own! I added a dangle and wire-wrapped a nest on one of the large oval links, Just as if a little birdy decided that link was the best place to settle down for a while.

Nancy’s necklace is so fun. There are some of her ceramic beads and then there is a strip of green trim with turquoise blue flowers that has been wrapped with copper wire attached to pearl and flower beads. She wants her necklace to be long, but it definitely needed some length if it was going to be what she requested, so I rosary-wrapped some pretty beads and pearls to help it along.

There you have it, my additions to the swap necklaces. I did not do a whole bunch of stuff to each one, just a little bit. There are two other designers after me – have to leave them something to do, right?


Lorelei said...

Beautiful work Emanda! I hope you enjoyed yourself while adding your little touches to each one. And yes, leaving room for the final two was a smart decision! It's hard though isn't it? Didn't you find yourself wanting to finish them up?!

EmandaJ said...

Oo, it was difficult striking a balance. I kind of thought I was short-changing everyone because the urge to add was so great. Anyway, I'm glad you like what I have done.