Monday, October 19, 2009

SPOILER ALERT!! Necklace Swap Update

I finished adding to the beautiful necklaces making the rounds in the Round Robin Necklace swap organized by Lorelei Eurto. From Left to Right they are by:
Alison Hodges {link and link} , Emanda Johnson {link and link} Gaea Cannaday {link and link},
Lorelei Eurto {link and link}, Mollie Valente {link}, and Nancy Schindler {link and link} .

In about half the necklaces I added a little bird’s nest I learned to make from a tutorial by Cathe Holden I also had some sweet little house-shaped cultured freshwater pearls that I wrapped with wire. The rest have wire-wrapped beads, some even “rosary wrapped” links of beads. Anyway, I am very pleased with the additions and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the group will do to the necklaces. And, yes, I am really looking forward to getting my back!


quiltingjewel39 said...

They are wonderful - so very creative and each different. What did you mean "rosary wrap"? Is that something different -I made rosaries a long time ago?

EmandaJ said...

Thanks for the comment. The long red outlined box on Nancy Schindler's piece (far right) is a section of rosary wrapped beads. Wire-wrapped loops at both ends of the beads connected via the loops the way rosaries are beaded instead of with cord or wire strung through each bead.