Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You know you want it!

This item is the most popular item in my Etsy shop {LINK} by far and it all came about in a challenge hosted by Kelly at Silver Parrot Designs {LINK}. I was the big winner of the challenge and I want to pay it forward and at the same time celebrate my 100th post (this is post #87).

This great bracelet could be your if you win my
Pass It On Challenge
(rules and post links are here; {LINK})
There may be more prizes depending on how many participate.

There are three ways to get your hat in the ring:

1. Find a budding artist in need of encouragement (whatever medium you work or enjoy)

2. De-stash some object/items/tool/books from your studio and pass them on to the budding artist

3. Blog about it with a link to yesterday's post {LINK} and tell me about your blog post with the URL address (counts as one entry)

4. Comment on yesterday's post {LINK} (counts as another entry)

5. Become a follower of my blog, remind me in a comment if you already are a follower {LINK} (counts as yet another entry)

Easy peasy, you can do this! And just think, some budding artist you know will truly benefit!


Andrew Thornton said...

What a great challenge! You are awesome for hosting such an inspiring and encouraging giveaway!

lisa oram said...

I also became a follower of your blog!

Pretty Things said...

I'm a follower and that's such a pretty bracelet and a great idea!

Nancy said...

That is an absolutely beautiful bracelet. I love the leaves that dangle down!! It is a generous giveaway.