Friday, October 17, 2008

Sharing the creativity

Today I was at our church's annual convention. There are always quite a few vendors who show and sell their religiously themed wares and I usually end up spending a nice chunk of change. Today was no different. I purchased an icon of John the Baptist (with his head on a plate), some beautifully hand-carved mother-of-pearl crosses for my rosary bracelets, and a gorgeous embroidered Palestinian dress, all from a gentleman who know the value of his wares.

I also talked to several "artists-types" who create jewelry. Some things were very expensive and others were sorely underpriced. I talked to one lady and while we shared ideas, I encouraged her to value her work more and let it be reflected in the price. Sometime, if a price isn't "high enough" the work's artistry isn't valued. Anyway, I think I gave her some encouragement.

Coming away from the day I felt inspired by what I saw, what I purchased, and the connections I made.


LLYYNN said...

It was kind and thoughtful of you to encourage the artist to value their work, it is good for the artist and also good for the person who receives their work. I'm so happy to find your blog, as an ex-patriot native Texan in the midwest, there are a few favorite restaurants I wish I could visit - so you can go in my place!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope to be able to link to your blog ( and Art Bead Scene ( a consult with my techie guru. Please keep coming back. As a Texan, I'm sure you are missing real Tex-Mex cuisine. I promise to sample as much of it for you as I can -- such a burden! ;^)