Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tapas and Talk

I'm crazy about food. For me it's almost a religious experience involving all the senses. It's especially wonderful when enjoyed with friends. And I have some fabulously artistic friends.

Last night these artistic friends (who now have a name: Everywoman) trekked to a distant suburb to have tapas and talk at Christina's house. There we had a variety of wines, lovely bread with olive oil for dipping and a list of yummies to long to describe. I was in my element!

Once we got to talking, time flew and it was time to leave. At the very end of the evening, we went to in Christina's music studio (she's a composer) to listen to a couple of her recordings. We were all so energized, we didn't feel the extreme length of our separate days.

The four of us commuting in the car ended up with nicknames too. Rene likes to "stir things up" so she's Spooner. Laura is a fiber artists so she's now Spinner. Karen does these amazing installations of walls made out of sandwich bags (no really, they ARE amazing!) so she's Bagger. And I like to make jewelry, so I'm Beader.

Spooner, Spinner, Bagger, Beader. We are "Everywoman."

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