Friday, July 17, 2009

Rollin', rollin' rollin' like a river

There is a spiritual side to creativity. Sometimes we have to step into the stream and flow with it to see where it will lead. But you can’t just step in, you have to be ready for it, you need to be open to it. I am not quite sure where it will lead, but I think I am just about ready to follow that creative stream.

In this first week “without a job” several wonderful, helpful, thoughtful friends and family members have made suggestions. Some of these suggestions have been way out in left field, but now I feel like I can recognize the direction I need to take. A dear friend asked me to join with her in a co-op gallery. She is a watercolorist, and I make small art quilts as well as jewelry. When she made this suggestion, it felt right. Now I have all these wonderful ideas swirling in my head and I can hardly wait to get to my quilt studio. Stay tuned!

Now, I would like to introduce you to an amazing artist who is just joining the blog-o-sphere: Catherine Davies Paetz. She works in precious metal clay and enamels. Her first blog-post is about mandalas and meditation. Check out her blog and website and give her a warm welcome. It was Cathy who reminded me of the spiritual side of creativity – I will certainly be following her blog.


Cathy said...

Emanda, your blog is wonderful. I have always loved the stream metaphor. And thank you for your kind words. I look forward to hearing where the stream carries you (I'm adding your blog to my list). It's so amazing when you are in the right place at the right time and accepting of what comes to you... the gallery sounds like a great adventure. Best of luck with it!


EmandaJ said...

Thanks Cathy,

I'm rolling right along! I've got so many ideas in my head I can hardly keep them straight.