Monday, July 13, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of my life . . . ?

I have stepped off the precipice into the great unknown. Definitely not the best time to be looking for a job. What I will be doing in the next six months is anyone’s guess. This is at the same time exciting and terrifying.

I have been teaching the intro class to the visual arts (art appreciation) at the college level for about 14 years. It is a class that none of the full-time faculty wants to teach, but I have grown to love it. I get to see the light-bulb go on over students’ heads when they begin to make connections. But adjunct faculty are expendable and don’t even get unemployment benefits. And who knows, there may be a class to teach in the distant future, but it is not something I can count on.

I keep waiting for the heavens to open and a great booming voice to tell me what I am supposed to do next.

Times change, and so must I. But it is getting more and more difficult to morph into something else, I have done it four or five times already. Will I be a jewelry designer? Or a quilt artist? Or will I be flipping burgers with my highly prestigious Masters degree in Art History?

If you have any insight or encouraging words, I’d love hear them.

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kvk said...

Hi Emanda - just discovered your blog - lots of good things to peruse!

I know that abyss intimately. I've got a couple of visuals that help me when I'm teetering. One ties in with your river, from my whitewater days - When you've fallen out of the boat, put your feet up, relax and float downstream (swimmer's position), because 'resistance is futile'.

The other is from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - when Indy is at the edge of said abyss, he puts his hand over his heart, takes a deep breath and takes that first step - leap and the net will appear.

From your last post, it looks like the nets are already showing up - kind of takes your breath away when things really start flowing. That rushing river will take you on such a ride!

Congratulations and keep those feet up!

Kathy VK