Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July -- Independence Day

Summer seems to speeding past a break-neck speed. Wasn't it just Memorial Day? So much can happen in a short time.

Here I am teaching college student the joys of knowing and understanding art in the first short semester of the summer and -- poof! -- I do not have a teaching job in the fall! After this coming week, which holds my husband's birthday and my parents' 53rd anniversary (on the same day), essays, exams and final grads, I will be free -- at loose ends. What to do?

Suddenly I am freed from the espectations involved in teaching -- not that I am happy about that.

I am waiting for the heavens to open up and tell me what I am supposed to to with the rest of my life. Perhaps this is a time for me to take stock of my life and start getting serious about my art and my jewelry. I have been dabbling all my life. Maybe now is the time to test myself, to push myself creatively. I have been following the artistic adventures of my blog friends in the left-hand column for about two years now. They have led the way, now it is my turn to march to a very different drummer than before.

I would appreciate some encouraging words. How did you get started? What prompted you on your crative path? Is the adventure worth the anxiety? What is the best advice you got/can give in starting an arts-based business?

To tempt you to your keyboard, I am offering a pair of earrings to one randomly selected response. Since life promised to be crazy this coming week, I will draw the winner on Saturday, July 11th.

Share this with your blog friends, the more responses the better. I am looking forward to your encouragment.

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