Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Experiment

I have been experimenting with the lovely pewter pieces I have accumulated recently. Nan Emmett and I talked for a long time about what I could and should do with them.

Remember this set of necklace and earrings I made while on vacation?

The silver finish is beautiful, but I have access to a process that will allow me to add color to the finish. Also, I am thinking about offering these as components in my Etsy Shop, so you can add them to your creations.
This is a a spooky, scary Halloween bat pendant I started while on vacation too.
Would you like to finish it? How would you use it?
Should I 1) make it available as a component
should I 2) finish it and post it on Etsy?
I finished the bat-wing earrings with blood-red coral tear-drop beads.
And here's another design of bat-wings as earrings.
I just love these small wings. Either as blackbird wings . . .
Or humming bird wings. These two pairs of wings are from the same mold, but they have a completely different feel because of the colors used.
While I was working on the wings below, I was reminded me of Hummingbird Wings and the blog Deryn Mentock wrote ( Something Sublime ) last Wednesday about a poor little hummer that died flying into her closed window. These wings are about the right size for a Hummingbird too. The same colors on a larger wing remind me of a parrot's wing. This design has hole on the tips of the separate feathers for dangling tiny jewels or to create an asymmetrical design.
So here are some questions for you:
How would you use these pieces?
Would you want to buy them as components?
or as finished pieces (necklaces, earrings, etc)?
Would you want to be able to specify coloration?
Would you want to have them available with stones/beads/crystals?
Or without?
I feel as though I am on the very edge of a new direction and I value your opinions.
Please leave a comment.


Nicki said...

I prefer the dark colored ones as I am not a very colorful girl and it would give me more options to add to it than the blue ones, although I love their light feel. As I make jewelry myself, I would prefer the components instead of a full piece.

Spirited Earth said...

wow..i love them all..
your hummingbird wing is beautiful.
after we brainstormed about patinas i decided that i also love the bright silver color too.
offering components opens up a market for jewelers...working the components into jewelry peices shows ways to use them..and also lets non jeweler people buy cool things.

TesoriTrovati said...

Zoinks! I love what you have done with these.
I love the idea of coloring them...but I might be open to my own interpretation of them. I would buy them as components with the option of colored already (in case I have no idea of what to do) or blank as a canvas. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and allowing us input on this great new direction!
Enjoy the day!

Emerald Window said...

I'd be very interested in buying them as componants, already colored. But I think you should make some of them into jewelry as well so you can sell to people who create jewelry as well as people who want to buy it already made.
I LOVE the bat wings.

Pretty Things said...

Those pieces are really, really cool!

Have you heard of ComicCon? I'd bet they'd go NUTS over these.