Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Friend Nan

So here I am on vacation in Galveston. Nan Emmett lives in Houston. We have never met until yesterday. She drove down to enjoy a day at the beach.

Okay, so this isn't the MOST flattering photo of us.
But it was a gorgeous breezy day, what do you expect?

Here we are exchanging goodies.
Yumm-O! (I will post better photos later, but click the "Yumm-o" to Nan's Etsy shop.) We spent a couple hours walking along the beach collecting shells and watching the sea life.
We had the beach to ourselves (along with my sweet hubby)!
. . . and this mighty fisherman, dancing with a Black Drumfish.
The fish was HUGE!

Nan and I had a great discussion about our jewelry businesses and how to improve and diversify our individual product. You will be seeing some results of this discussion in the future.

Have you ever had a heart-to-heart with someone you respect that changed your direction?


Spirited Earth said...

thanks for posting the photos,
i had such a great time visiting and sharing ideas.
and my beach lore will not be so remiss in the future.ha

SummersStudio said...

Hello fellow, Texan. If this were not such a big state I would love to have joined you. Maybe one day? You both look gorgeous, wind blown hair and all.

Pretty Things said...

(Hopefully this wasn't already posted, darned blogger).

You two are so lucky! I wish I were there with both of you, having a load of fun!