Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm on Vacation!

To quote Billy Crystal in City Slickers, "I'm on VACATION!!"
We have escaped for almost two weeks to Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island. We are a couple of minutes walk from the beach and have enjoyed many hours wading through the surf and beachcombing.
When we are not on the beach, we relax with a good spy novel and quiet hours with our dogs. While my husband reads aloud to me (Daniel Silva's novels are very engaging!) I make jewelry. I brought a few beads and crystals along with my peweter pieces from Reaper Miniature. Here are a couple of things I put together:

And this:
And this -- I ran out of earring findings, so imagine these with lever-back finding. Spooky, huh? I am thinking about Halloween.

Tomorrow Nan Emmett from Spirited Earth and Spirit Rattles is coming down from Houston for lunch, a walk on the beach and some "serious" jewelry talk. I cannot wait!
Do you take your jewerly stuff with you on vacation?


Regina said...

Enjoy your vacation and have fun with Nan. Then a post with plenty of pictures to tell us all about it.

Pretty Things said...

Oh cool, you get to meet Nan! I feel like I know her after this month of Cup of Bead Soup! Tell her hello, and have a WONDERFUL vacation!

Spirited Earth said...

i had the best time..thanks for being a most wonderful hostess..
hope the rest of your vacation is fun and relaxing.

Heather said...

Those wings are fabulous Emanda. You should see if you can sell them in your Etsy shop. I bet they would go over really well. You probably need permission and all but worth a try. I would purchase some!! Your earrings are Fabulous for Halloween and like the necklaces also.